Welcome to cheebdweeb.com!  Ents welcome.

We are delighted that you have decided to visit our neck of the internet.  We are sure you are wondering just what the hell a cheeb dweeb is.  Since you are able to use a computer, you are probably already aware of game nerds, computer geeks, muscle heads, cat lovers and sports fans.  Ask yourself, what do those groups have in common?  All of them have a bizarre and unhealthy obsession with something that no one else really seems to care about but them.

A cheeb dweeb falls in this same category, except instead of posting endless photographs of Mittens and Sweet Pea on our most frequented social media websites, cheeb dweebs get blazed.  That’s right, a cheeb dweeb is a stoner, a pot head, smoker of the wacky tobacky.  If that’s what you like to do, welcome home my friend, welcome home.


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